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A Cross Cultural Hair Collective.

Belle & Blackley are a motley crew of passionate, professional hairdressers dedicated to creating a safe space for our clients to come and share their hair journey with us.

As a collective we learn together, honour each others differences and celebrate the unique experiences we all bring to the table.

The foundation of all our styling, cutting and colouring services - the BB hair experience - is simple: we want to cut through the noise that is currently overrunning social media fads and focus on the actual science of hair - the fundamentals that will never change. 

Belle & Blackley's journey so far...

Bell is my father's middle name and Blackley was my mother's middle when we wanted a name that encapsulated the family feel we have as a business...Belle & Blackley seemed like the obvious choice.

The comfortable and relaxed atmosphere in the salon and the joy we have as a team by working together is the backbone to all the decisions that I make about the business.

But let me tell you a little about me first....

I started working at 16 years of age as a hairdresser. And I think it's fascinating that after living and working with curly hair my whole life - it is only now, aged 54, that my texture of hair has become a compulsory module in our industries training academies.

My drive to make curly hair accepted and included in schools, the workplace and salons has taken me on a very interesting and exciting journey, building  a team of likeminded individuals around me.

My main partner in crime is Eileen, who has worked with me for 25 years. Her passion is colour and between us we work to ensure that no hair type is excluded from a full range of services available at the salon. From cutting to colouring and everything in between we want our clients to feel that any look is for them!

Our new home...starting from scratch!

After 25 years at our old base, in January 2020 it was time to shake things up and make a new home for ourselves.

As if by fate, the building across the road became available and, as an empty shell, we saw an opportunity to make the place our own. 

Built in 1904 - 1907, The Lion Chambers, is a Grade A listed building, sadly left to deteriorate over the years. Originally designed to be used by lawyers and artists - (classic combo!!!) - it's a beautiful building and we are happy to make it our home and draw some attention to it. 

In homage to its past as an artists studio, we have dedicated wall space to invited artists to showcase their talents. 

What to expect from a visit...

Your hair journey with us starts before you even arrive. 


Technology plays a big part of our working systems. Our full menu is available to book online and once you open an account you can book, reschedule or cancel appointments. You can even load before and after photos to track your hair journey and buy products to make sure your home hair care is maintaining your look.


Once you've booked in you receive your consultation form which helps us build your hair profile to ensure the service you get in the salon meets your needs.

During your visit, we take the time to do a full consultation. We know that so many people come to us with hair trauma - whether that is a life time of struggling to look after your particular hair texture or a previous bad experience in another salon - we work to make sure you feel listened to and that you are given the time you need to figure out where your hair journey will take you.

We have created a menu of services that cater to everyone's needs. If you need more time and more teaching - there is a service. If you are already confident with your curls - there is a service. If you need a curly kids cut - there is a service.

We are here to help you feel confident with your style - no matter what stage you are at and no matter how you want to wear it!

A perfect partnership...

172 Hope Street is also home to our friends at WAX HQ.

Jennifer and Louise are perfectionists at what they do. They offer a full waxing menu for Ladies and Gents -  including  intimate waxing.


Details of their service menu and online booking system can be found on their website

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