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Our philosophy is simple: beautiful curls, beautiful colour, beautiful cuts

Belle & Blackley are a motley crew of passionate, professional hairdressers.


Scott (our fearless leader - unless there's a spider involved and then you won't see him for dust), Eileen (the actual leader and killer of rogue spiders), Julie, Queen of the bouncy blow dry and our Extensions Expert , Shannon, master of the curly bob and Emma - rocking her way through cuts and gorgeous colour work.


And then you have our team of assistants Demi, Drew, Caitlin and Vaso  - who work tirelessly to keep the salon ticking and keep our stylists in check. They also run the basins, which form the most important part of your visit if you are coming to us for help with your curls. Their product knowledge is second to none and teaching you how to properly hydrate your curls and apply products is what makes us different from any other salon.

We work as a team - with more than one team member looking after you during your visit. We love our work and each team member is encouraged to embrace their particular passion within the world of hairdressing.

As the home of Belle & Blackley Curls, we're thrilled that our reputation reaches far and wide. 

We want our clients to enjoy our relaxed and friendly atmosphere but also leave having had the benefit of working with professionals that have over 35 years of experience.

Based in the heart of the city, in one of Glasgow's architectural gems, The Lion Chambers on Hope Street, we're perfectly placed to cater to our wide range of clientele: from Glasgow's thriving student community to the professionals that work in the city, to the people that travel far and wide to come and see us, we have a service to suit everyone.

We choose to work with companies and product ranges that not only share our philosophy by being dedicated to excellence but also push the boundaries of innovation within the hair and beauty industries.

We pride ourselves on our individuality and to that end we also use products from a range professional collections. When we come across a product that we love, our 'hero' product from a particular range, we add that to our mix - making sure our clients have access to the best products from Wella, Innersense, Schwarzkopf, Goldwell, Mood, Only Curls to name but a few.


A perfect partnership...

172 Hope Street is also home to our friends at WAX HQ.


Details of their service menu and online booking system can be found on their website

Our new home...starting from scratch!

After 25 years at our old base, in January 2020 it was time to shake things up and make a new home for ourselves.

As if by fate, the building across the road became available and, as an empty shell, we saw an opportunity to make the place our own. 

Built in 1904 - 1907, The Lion Chambers, is a Grade A listed building, sadly left to deteriorate over the years. Originally designed to be used by lawyers and artists - (classic combo!!!) - it's a beautiful building and we are happy to make it our home and draw some attention to it. 

Our journey so far...

They say necessity is the mother of invention and we have found that to be very much the case here at Belle & Blackley.

Lockdown #1 forced us to re-evaluate our work/life balance and coming out of lockdown, returning to work, forced us to think outside the box  to create a totally new working environment that was safe, satisfying and sustainable.

So we came up with Phase 1 - a reduced menu of services, staff working in 'style teams', reduced staff contact, reduced client footfall - all of which could have made our working environment clinical and lacking a bit of soul....

But in fact what started to reveal itself was a much more enjoyable working experience for our clients and for our team.

We enjoyed a much more relaxed pace, more time with our clients, more time with ourselves, less interruptions, less phone calls, quieter music, more breaks, better preparation with our online consultation forms, less faffing at the till due to the prepayment system, less missed appointments - a massive loss to any business.

But we definitely missed the buzz of the blow dryer, the flow of creativity that comes with more intricate colour work, the thrill of seeing the transformative effect of the finished look - so we knew we had to come up with a way to add more services but maintain all the positive effects of this new way of working.

So following Lockdown #2 we moved onto Phase 2 - a full service menu, stylists working safely in their dedicated areas and dedicated 'Style Teams' and colour packages designed to simplify the booking experience and maximise time with your stylist.

That kept us ticking along on the run up to Christmas and Lockdown #3.

During Lockdown #3 the team were busy behind the scenes working on our techniques, training with our partners at Wella and also taking part in lots of wellness seminars - from mindfulness to comedy nights to ted talks about aliens (!!!!)

Preparing to return to work after Lockdown #3 was about maintaining the balance of a healthy work/life and using everything we've learned over the last 18 months to take our work to the next level.


All the .time, keeping up the high standards of safety that we have now adopted as the new norm and increasing the creativity we all relish as stylists on the salon floor.

Phase 3 led us to where we are now. A collective of stylists and technicians who love what we do and who we do it with.

Photographic work, competitions and a return to some client evenings as soon as it is safe to do so are all on the cards.

We're excited about the next part of the journey for team Belle & Blackley and look forward to welcoming you all into the salon soon.