Meet the team: Eileen

It's time to meet the team in a little more detail and we're starting with Eileen Davison. Eileen has been with the salon for 17 years since starting as a Saturday assistant when she was 14. Eileen has worked in every aspect of the business and industry - from assistant to manager and from cutting on the salon floor to competition work and photo shoots. 1/ How did you get into hairdressing? E: I was a bit of a tomboy, my mum forced me to go to a salon for a proper haircut and the guy cut my hair from waist length to a bob. I loved the feeling of getting my ponytail cut off and almost becoming a new person, and decided I'd like to make other people feel that way. 2/ What's your favourite kin

Cuticles: to cut or not to cut

I was sat getting my nails done recently at the salon and I over heard the person next to me query why her nail technician wasn't cutting her cuticles. The technician reassured the client by explaining that it is a practice that should never happen - I was quite shocked! I had always assumed it was the right thing to do. I'm sure most of you reading this will remember getting a manicure somewhere and having the process done. Well, as it turns out, cutting the cuticle is one of the worst things you can do. The thin sliver of skin at the bottom of your nail bed serves an important purpose - to protect you from infection. And you should never cut it, only push it back - and even then only if th

Trying a little curl power...

So you may know we love curls at Belle & Blackley - and we 're constantly looking for curl enhancing creams, serums, balms, mousses, sprays that we can try out. Our mission is to find the perfect combination of products to help you achieve the type of curl you want. Curly hair can be tricky - depending on the type of curl you have, your hair can look completely different from one day to the next (based on how it dries). You have to take into account the products you use to wash and condition it, the products you put in to help style it and finally how you dry it - naturally or with a diffuser. Well we're going to help you by taking you through the options. Starting with KMS Curl Up perfectin

Rainbow hair is here to stay.

Over the last few years, alternative hair colour has gone from the odd candy floss pink on X Factor contestants to full on galaxy hair. We now see mermaid hair, rainbow hair, galaxy hair, flame hair and everything in between... and we LOVE IT! You only have to walk in to the salon and you can see how much we love colour. At the beginning of the year we became a Goldwell salon, which gave us access to the amazing colour products they make. Elumen by Goldwell is a hair colour system that illuminates hair from the inside out. With it we get intense and brilliant colour results with exceptional shine and durability. With Elumen your colour stays brighter much longer than other 'crazy colour' s

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