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Our colour packages came into play when we realised our colour services were becoming really intricate and our menu of colour services was getting longer and longer - leaving people with an overwhelming sense of what to choose!


So we looked at a different system. How long have you got to spend with us and what can we get done in that time?


So instead of paying for just one specific service,  our colour packages are based on time, experience, application and processing. We can then do a number of services to make your colour work truly unique. Maybe you need your roots done, but fancy some flashes of colour framing your face too? Maybe you want a shadow root with baby lights? Or perhaps a full balayage with dual colours?


Colour services have moved on from the standard T-Bar or full head bleach: which was a system that stifled our creativity - we couldn't add any extra personal touches without adding loads of extra little surcharges.  Now we are creating real works of art and we have the time to get creative!

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