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Salon Director: Stylist & BB Curls Specialist

With over 35 years of experience on the salon floor, Scott's love of hair started as a teenager who struggled to find someone who could look after his hair type he taught himself! And he has gone on to become one of the most sought after curl specialists in Scotland.  

When Scott is not working on the salon floor he is busy educating stylists and lecturers on working with textured hair, working as part of the Cross Cultural Curl Collective AND being part of the Artistic team on Project Afro with the Fellowship of Hairdressers.



Salon Manager: Stylist, Colour Specialist, BB Curls Expert

Manager of the salon, Eileen started as a Saturday girl way back when and has been a key part of Belle & Blackley ever since.


Eileen is our colour freak!!! She loves anything and everything to do with colour and has had every colour imaginable herself! She is on a special mission to bring colour to curls so that vivid colour work and textured hair become a frequent sight!



Stylist, Extensions Specialist, BB Curls Expert, Head of Training

Julie is a wonder on the salon floor. Her work and finish are always spectacular. Julie is also our resident Hair Extension Technician - and has worn all types of hair extension herself which makes her the perfect advocate for the service. 

If you think you'd like to try hair extensions, speak to Julie first and she will guide you to the right type and the right service for you!



Stylist & BB Curls Expert

Emma joined the team after Scott & Eileen met her at the Wella Trend Vision Awards 2021 and they both knew they wanted her to be part of the Belle & Blackley crew.

With a history in graphic design, she has a passion for shape and texture. Her eye for detail is phenomenal and her knowledge of hair and hair science is impressive. 



Stylist & BB Curls Expert

Caitlin is a cracking hair stylist. Her work is always on point and she has a real flare for editorial and session work. 

Her signature bouncy blowdrys are a thing of beauty and her love of creating shine and gloss with colour work leaves her clients gleaming as they leave the salon.



Style & Colour Technician, BB Curls Assistant, Head of Basins

There isn't anything Vaso doesn't know, or won't quickly find out about hair care. Originally from Greece, Vaso specialised in blow drying until she came to Glasgow, met the team and threw herself into learning everything about cleansing, treating and conditioning hair.

If you've been to the salon, you'll know that the basins is where the magic happens and as far as curls go... the most important part of your visit. 

Her knowledge and expertise is also what makes Vaso a great colour and styling technician.



Style & Colour Technician, BB Curls Assistant

Martha is our newest member but that hasn't stopped her from mastering many of our Belle & Blackley specific methodologies.

She is a whizz up at the basins and brilliant at styling all types of textured hair. 

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