BB Curl Care Advice

Thank you for visiting Belle & Blackley. We are thrilled that you chose to go on this curl journey with us.

We are looking forward to seeing you for your next appointment and understand that there was a lot of information for you to take in here's a wee reminder of the basics! If you need more help or you have further questions give us a shout on


  • Shampoo & Conditioner

  • Keep hair soaking wet

  • Keep head upside down to lift root

  • 6-8 pumps of product

  • Ends first then root

  • Rake through with Tangle Teaser and/or fingers

  • Squeeze up hair to shape curl

  • Can clip top or trouble sections with Claw Clips

  • Diffuse on high power/med heat

  • Dry until the cast forms

  • Scrunch to break the crispiness of the cast


  • Innersense Organic Beauty

  • Only Curls


  • Overnight - tie hair up with loose scrunchie, Claw Clips or head scarf

  • Sleep on silk or satin pillowcases

  • Let down the next morning

  • Mist with water or leave in conditioner and re-squeeze to help the hair absorb the hydration and reinvigorate curl.


  • Microfibre Towel

  • Tangle Teaser

  • Claw Clips

  • Diffuser

  • Silk/Satin Pillowcase

  • Silk/Satin Bonne

Microfibre towel:

Why? It removes excess product and moisture from the hair without disturbing the curl. But we don't use it to dry your hair.

How? Use one hand to gently squeeze and hold each section of your curls. Release and move on to next section using the same area of the towel. The towel will absorb the excess but stay moist enough to keep hydrating the hair as you squeeze, encouraging a good curl shape to form.

Claw Clips:


Why? To help lift flat or troublesome areas e.g. crowns or partings.

How? Open the clip and use it to scoop the section. Lifting the curl tress at the root and carefully closing the clip over. This is so we don't flatten the curl and it helps beat gravity while waiting for the hair to dry.

When? Use them on wet, damp or dry and even at night when going to bed.



Why? Because life's too short! I've heard people say that they only air dry their hair...air is all that comes out of a diffuser.


How? Depending on the required result - for very natural look just hold it close to the hair, not touching. For fuller and bigger shapes usually the best results are gained by leaning forward or to the side placing the diffuser underneath the very ends of the hair and gently lifting up straight onto the scalp. Once on the scalp lift the diffuser about half and inch, ensuring we gain root lift, then hold. The dryer should be set to a medium temperature on a medium or full speed. With the right amount of product we have no concerns about over drying the hair. We are only setting the curl. You don't need to get your hair bone dry.

Hydrating your hair:


Why? All curls perform better when the moisture is locked inside the hair shaft. The biggest problem we find is product build up. Many of the techniques and method you can follow online can cause a build up of product on your hair and scalp. So we start by regularly clarifying the scalp, which will promote healthy hair growth. If your hair is full of moisturiser, oils or conditioners it starts to get weighed dwon, the curl will drop and your scalp health will prevent root lift. The hair shaft is sealed so moisture is blocked from getting inside. Your hair care regimen should include a treatment to clean or clarify your scalp and hair shaft  to remove this build up and allow moisture in.



How? If you have no build up, your routine should consist of a light sulphate free cleanser and the right hydrating conditioner for your hair type. You can then add styling products that lock in the moisture. If you have build up, we have to get your hair and scalp back to their natural state so we can start from scratch. This can take some time depending on the build up and what we use to remove it - your stylist will advise you.