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#BBCURLS: CURLS 101 Workshop

Our mission has always been to keep growing as a collective of stylists but whenever and wherever possible to share that knowledge with our wider salon industry professionals and ultimately our clients.

Helping stylists, course leaders and industry professionals to hone their curl care skills and create services that genuinely serve the curl community is a huge step towards Scott's mission of highlighting and healing generations of hair trauma.

Our holistic approach of working is applied to our courses and education packages. Our Curls 101 Workshop is our flagship course: A bespoke workshop where we combine hair science, curl knowledge, self evaluation and business acumen in 3 parts.
1: A Self-Evaluation questionnaire - help us get to know who you are and your business goals.
2: Virtual Introduction to Curls Session - we’ll talk hair history and hair fundamentals - the background knowledge that will set you up for our in salon session. (1.5 hr Online Meeting)
3: In Salon Workshop - #CURLS 101 techniques and curl education. Working on styling heads to live models, with a variety of curl textures and patterns. Through consultations, product knowledge, basin techniques, product application, styling and aftercare. 

Price: £495


Next Workshop date:

19th November 2023

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