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Your curls are thirsty...


We've all heard that curls need moisture and hydration, and that is the absolute truth. However, no amount of water is going to get through if your hair follicle is covered in an oily barrier.


We want to help you on your curl journey so we need to find your true curl. by removing the barriers you get from adulterated products that include oils, butters and silicones. or mineral deposits from hard water or perhaps, if you're someone with a very active lifestyle, sweat.

Implementing a detox routine on the run up to your appointment, means that when you come in your hair is prepped and ready to receive the TLC we're going to give it.

What should I use?


We recommend using a clarifying and then moisturising shampoo at least twice before your visit.

Ok. How do I do it?


Here's an idea of a detox routine you can implement before you come and see us. Depending on how often you wash your hair, try and go through this routine at least twice before we see you. (e.g. if you cleanse once a week - then start two weeks before your appointment)

  1. Clarify - a good lathering shampoo - may contain sulphates if you really need a deep cleanse.

  2. Cleanse - with a hydrating shampoo  e.g. Innersense Hydrating Hairbath

  3. Condition - with a hydrating conditioner e.g. Innersense Hydrating Cream Conditioner

  4. Style - style your hair as normal but avoid creams, butters, oils and serums.

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How it works?


Oils, butters, serums, sweat and minerals all coat the outer layer of the hair, the cuticle - but it's the inner layer the cortex that often needs attention.

Wellaplex is a hair bond builder with opti pH system that reconstructs damaged hair bonds from the inside out.


Your detox will help us get to the cuticle. The products we use have molecules small enough to penerate the cuticle layers to open them up and then the treatment can access the cortex.


Using the appropriate conditioner will then smooth down the cuticle, locking in the moisture.


Your journey to healthy hair - and therefore happy curls - has begun!

Do I need to detox , if my service includes a detoxing cleanse?


If your service includes a detox or clarifying cleanse then we will look after that for you. However, it's a good idea to stop using heavy creams, oils and butters in the few days before your appointment, so that we don't have to do more than one detox cleanse.


Rest assured that we'll be treating your hair after the detox process - detox isn't about stripping the hair -we just want to break down that barrier to get to the cuticle.

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