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Did you know that ever time you come into the salon you earn points? Whether it's to visit our curl experts or get a set of hair extensions done.


And those points add up over time so that you can treat yourself to our menu of rewards whenever you want.

No longer do you have to wait for us to run a promotion, you can accrue your points and redeem them whenever you're ready!


Here is a list of our current rewards scheme and a reminder of the ways in which you can earn your points.



25 points  : 20% Off a full size Dermalogica product.


30 points  : Ladies Blow dry and Conditioning Treatment for £25!                       

35 points   : 30 minute Neck, Back & Shoulder Massage for £25!

50 points   : Shellac Manicure OR Pedicure for £17!


60 points   : Gents Cut & ANY Colour service for £45!


60 points   : 25% off a Dermalogica Pro Skin 60 minute facial.


85 points   : Ladies Cut & ANY Colour service for £85!

125 points  : Brazilian Keratin Treatment for £125!


300 points : £100 Gift Voucher!


These rewards are not redeemable against promotional services, special offers or concessions.

We've shown you how you can spend them....but how do you earn points? 

You earn 1 point for every £10 you spend in the salon.

5 points when you 'Check In' on any social media platform.

5 points for leaving a review.

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