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Meet the team: Eileen

It's time to meet the team in a little more detail and we're starting with Eileen Davison. Eileen has been with the salon for 17 years since starting as a Saturday assistant when she was 14.

Eileen has worked in every aspect of the business and industry - from assistant to manager and from cutting on the salon floor to competition work and photo shoots.

1/ How did you get into hairdressing?

E: I was a bit of a tomboy, my mum forced me to go to a salon for a proper haircut and the guy cut my hair from waist length to a bob. I loved the feeling of getting my ponytail cut off and almost becoming a new person, and decided I'd like to make other people feel that way.

2/ What's your favourite kind of work?

E: I love colour work. My passion started when I worked as Scott's colour technician - I got to learn so much from all the colour companies, learning everything I could from as many colour technicians as possible.

3/ Earlier this year the salon joined Goldwell and you recently entered their Colour Zoom competition. What inspired you to enter?

E: The whole team went to the Colour Zoom Show in Edinburgh, we had just started working with Goldwell and I was already enjoying playing with their colour system and the images they produced made me want to produce something like that.

4/ How did you come up with the idea for your entry?

E: I studied the images from the Colour Zoom '16 Disrupt collection and chose what I liked from each image and then designed a look that blended them together.

5/ What is the best thing about being a hairdresser?

E: Variation. No day is the same, new people, same people different cuts/colours. I love going to work and not necessarily knowing what the day will bring. And I leave happy when I've made other people feel good about themselves.

6/ If you could be anything else what would you be?

E: A cheerleader, always thought I'd be good at that!

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