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Belle & Blackley Curly Kids Club

Anyone with a curly kid will know the feeling of gearing up for a wash day. I have three daughters, all with slightly different curls and hair texture.

Mya, my eldest has giant thick coarse curls - masses of volume and her hair can take a lot of product.

Bailie, my middle daughter, has beautiful bouncy curls with a soft silky texture to her hair. Her hair is actually quite fine though, and too much product will weigh it down really quickly.

And finally, Io, the youngest - her curls are by far the tightest but her hair texture is actually quite fine - a combination which means her hair gets the most tangled and can get matted easily.

So gearing up to wash their hair can sometimes feel like a military operation. Each head needs a different combination of products and in Io's case - we need a distraction while she sits to have her hair detangled with a treatment on! Thank god for iPads!

If I could give any one tip, straight off the bat, other than HYDRATE, HYDRATE, HYDRATE, it would be learn how to braid or plait hair. It's a great way to style hair once it's been washed and keeps it nice and tidy for school.... unless you have an Io, who takes the braids out the first chance she gets!!!

In my next post I'll talk more about detangling and getting hair ready to receive products.

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