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Curl Talk - Scott's quest to spread the knowledge!

"The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go."

Dr. Seuss

For those of you that have been in to see Scott, you'll have heard that he is on a bit of a mission at the moment.

For several years now, Scott has been approached by industry professionals and product brands about becoming an ambassador, or becoming an educator, or mentor.... all of which he said 'no' to because his focus was on growing the business and setting up the salon and his team.

Part of his reticence about taking on those roles in the past was to do with not really seeing a methodology or product line or salon system that he felt represented his work and perspective.

And then last year, he finally accepted a job training at Glasgow Clyde College as a temporary lecturer. During that term, the jigsaw pieces started to fall into place and Scott started to see the industry opening up their minds to a different way of working and training, which in turn encouraged him that the time had come to take his expertise onto the next level.

So what did he do..... he went back to school! Of course!

Scott has been throwing himself into online and in-person training courses all over the country and indeed the whole world. Each time, soaking up whatever he could to either enhance, or reinforce his own techniques and methods.

Our Belle & Blackley training and development scheme is taking shape - Scott is sharing his work and his knowledge with the team and a Tuesday afternoon is now a regular teaching day for us at the salon. We are investing in ourselves and the team in all aspects of the industry - from photoshoots to social media training and also focusing on our personal growth - with classes in public speaking to wellbeing and yoga!

Scott is off to San Francisco in May to work with some of the world's leading curl experts and meet the team behind Innersense as well as meeting a few stylists who have mentored him along the way. He can't wait to bring everything he has experienced back to the salon and share it all with you too!

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