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How to prepare your hair for a Curly Cut.

During Phase 1 we are sticking, strictly, to hour long appointments.

Once you're booked in, we email you a Consultation Form. It's a pretty comprehensive form so it gives a good head start on your visit.

Clients are asked to come in with their prepared (see hair prep below), we dry cut, focusing on shape and removing dead/damaged ends.

A Phase 1 Curly Cut is £50.

Because of the limited services, Phase 1 may not be for everyone. If you are new to the salon or just beginning your curl journey, I would recommend you wait until Phase 2.

Phase 2 allows for a fuller service experience.

Clients are asked to come in with their hair prepared (see hair prep below).

Each client is different, so sometimes we cut first other times it's about cleansing and hydrating your hair to activate a healthy curl before changing the shape.

The main benefit of a Phase 2 appointment will be the time we can take drying your hair and teaching you how to work with your curl and curly hair products.

A Phase 2 Curly Cut is £90 and will be available from 12th September.

How to prepare your hair. 

We want you to get the most out of your visit. Coming in with your hair prepped is a must.

DO: Come in with your hair cleansed, conditioned, detangled and dry. 

DO: Style it as you normally would but take care to avoid heavy oils and butters that leave a film on your hair and weigh it down.

DON'T: use heavy styling products like shea/coconut oil/avocado oil - these products change your curl pattern.

DON'T: Use anything that would change the pattern of your curl - no hair-bands, buns, ponytails, hats, clips.

DON'T: Brush your curl out.

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