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Scotland's Curl Specialist

Hi, I'm Scott Cooper, a Scottish hairstylist of mixed heritage.

I created the name Belle and Blackley from the middle names of both my parents, so to me it represents family.

At Belle and Blackley, we work hard to create a safe and inclusive space for all hair types, from Afro, tight coils, curly to wavy, swavy and straight, and every combination.

My goal is to continue to build on our salon's success and further develop our cross-cultural competence within our team of professional hairstylists. This will help us to address the imbalance in the lack of education around my natural hair type, Afro hair.

I want to help break the cycle of generational trauma that so many of us know all too well, and champion equal representation for all peoples with all curl patterns.

I'm passionate about helping people feel confident and beautiful in their natural hair, and I believe that everyone deserves to have access to high-quality haircare services that celebrate their unique curl patterns.

I'm excited to continue growing Belle and Blackley into a space where everyone feels welcome and accepted, regardless of their hair type.

Cheers, Scott Cooper / @thecurlyscott

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