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Take the trauma out of wash days for curly kids...

We had the gorgeous Daria in today. She’s only 4 and has hair that every single one of us in the salon envied!!!

However, for a 4yr old having hair that takes a little extra time to wash and style is more of a hassle than a blessing.

Step 1: Julie and Nicole worked through her hair, gently teasing out the curls to get a feel for the overall shape so that Julie could do a dry cut - tidying up the shape and getting rid of the dry ends that were the most prone to getting tangled.

Step 2: Daria’s hair was already very clean and, apart from some tangled ends, really healthy - so the next step was to head to the basins to soak her hair and get it ready to receive the correct products.

Top Tip: When it comes to tangles and curls - divide and concur. Work in small sections. We took time separating her hair into small sections, gently combing through with a Tangle Teaser and applying the product.

This is usually the moment when you’ll experience tears…. from your little curly (because detangling can be sore) and from yourself (because wash day for parents of curlies can be traumatic for you too!).

Take the pressure off yourself! If combing through is hard going, do a little section at a time. Being thorough during the product application and prepping the hair for protective styling properly is worth taking the time for.

Step 3: Once Daria’s hair was soaking wet and our first product had been applied, evenly through the lengths and ends of her hair, we moved back to the styling station. Taking small sections, one at a time, we applied a small amount of our second product Innersense I Create Volume, and proceeded to do Two Strand Twists.

Daria’s hair certainly didn’t need volume but ‘I Create Volume’ is a great setting lotion too with just the right consistency for twists. Using a gel could be a bit sticky!

Two Strand Twists is a form of protective styling. A great way, especially for curly kids, to get their hair styled that will not only last the week but also protect the curl. It protects in two ways - it traps in the hydrating products that curly hair needs and also locks in the curl definition.

The strands can stay as they are for a few days and then you can twist them out and have lovely defined curls for the rest of the week.

We loved having her visit today and seeing the little spring in her step as she swooshed her hair, side to side, was brilliant.

So many curlies have early memories of traumatic wash days, getting their curls pulled and forced into obedience. We’re not going to pretend that wash days can be painless but if you can find the time to detangle and apply the correct products, and get into a good routine of washing/hydrating/protective styling - teaching your curly kids good hair care routines will teach them to love their locks and embrace their natural texture.

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