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Textured hair hits the spotlight....

We are thrilled for Eileen, our manager, as she reaches the final in the Wella Trend Vision Awards 2021 in the Natural Texture Category.

Eileen has always had a passion for colour, so in that sense we always knew she would get recognition for it. But what makes this win particularly sweet is the Natural Texture category which was only just introduced this year.... so Eileen was able to showcase, not only her love of colour but, her flair for curls too.

We've been working with curls in the salon for many years now, enhancing natural texture and helping clients embrace their curls but we've seen a massive increase in curl based elements to our industry over the last few years.

Now, whether that has been because of poker straight trends becoming a thing of the past, a general movement towards clean hair products, an awakening amongst us that what we are born with is good enough, the massive online presence of curl influencers or YouTube 'How to Videos', the dawning of the curly girl method....or all of them.... textured hair in all its glory is definitely here to stay.

So much so, that industry leaders, like Wella, are recognising the skill it takes to get the best out of texture by celebrating it with its own category! We can't wait to see Eileen celebrate with the other finalists in London later next month!

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