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Let's talk 'Winter Weather'...

It's the 1st of December and winter is well and truly on its way.

The salon is currently closed due to Lockdown 2 here in Glasgow, and this time of year we would normally start to be working towards Christmas Night's out and people preparing for their festive season. Anyone who owns or works in a salon will know that slight 'butterflies in the stomach' feeling of the Christmas rush.

This year will certainly be different but one thing that hasn't changed (yet) is the winter weather and I wanted to talk about ways in which you can look at your home haircare routine to make sure you're adjusting it for the current climate.

One of the first things I teach my clients to look at is the local weather. I know that may seem strange but the climate has a massive effect on your hair. We all know that "It's the humidity" episode with Monica from Friends! The level of humidity in the air will determine the amount of products you use, which ones and in which order.

If you're using the correct cleanser and conditioner you hair should be hydrated and healthy. People can sometimes be tempted to lather on a deep conditioning treatment or masque when their hair feels dry but if the reason for the dryness is the climate it's actually the styling products you need to look at.

A key process here is layering or topping. Experimenting with the products that you layer or top up with during the colder weather (or any change in climate) can make all the difference to your curl definition. A humectant is a product that draws moisture to the hair - these products should be used during your cleansing and conditioning process and should be the first layer of styling product you use - a gel for example, using it with water, really taking the time to apply it to your hair, smoothing down the cuticle.

The next product you go for is an anti-humectant, for example a volumizing lotion or mousse or sometimes we use Weather Proof spray (which is a water soluble product). The anti-humectant is a topper that repels moisture from the air, protecting it from the elements.

So as an example, in Glasgow during the winter...

You've hydrated your hair during your cleanse/condition.

You've sealed in that hydration with your gel.

You top that up with an anti-humectant lotion/spray.

You could reverse the order of styling products if it was a dry heat.... finishing with your humectant to draw the moisture out of the air towards the hair.

Quick tips:

- Lower your diffuser heat, try more of a 'hovering' technique

- Experiment with layering your products. For example : use a gel first, followed by a mousse or a lotion. Layering is going to help form a firmer cast and more defined curl as well as locking in that essential moisture from your cleansing and conditioning routine.

- If you love your hats then try a protective style underneath likes braids!

- BE CAREFUL with deep conditioners - they can sometimes just coat the hair and weigh it down. If your hair really needs a 'deep' condition it's a Wellaplex treatment that you need. something that actually repairs the inner cortex of the hair shaft, followed by the correct conditioner to seal that in.


- Keep it local! Make sure that whatever advice you are following online, you are adapting it to suit YOUR environment. Curls are incredibly personal...what works for someone in Los Angeles will be different for someone in Glasgow!

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